Zhengzhou Halnn Superhard materials co., LTD adhere to the "leading the progress of science and technology, cooperation to create value" as the core technology research and development strategy, in order to "new materials, new technology, new technology" and "production, study and research" two series as the main line, with the massive reserves accumulation superhard material industry and is based on a strong scientific research and technology team, with "not a lot,  Guided by the initial business philosophy of "only high precision", the company focuses on tool research and development of hard and brittle materials, heat-resistant and wear-resistant materials and other difficult machining problems such as hard cutting and grinding. The company keeps forging ahead to achieve focus and form a reputation.  


Halnn tools pays close attention to the domestic and foreign market demand and industry technology development trend, constantly introduces domestic and foreign advanced technology, information, equipment and talent, selectively adopts and combines its own advantages, unity, innovation, is a long-term adhere to the independent research and development of the road.  So far, the company has more than 30 patented technologies.  


Halnn tools adheres to the business philosophy of focus, innovation, high efficiency and collaboration and the research cooperation strategy, attaches great importance to the joint research with other universities and research institutions.  Zhengzhou HALNN Superhard materials co., LTD., henan institute of superhard materials together with the materials department of zhengzhou university, henan university of technology institute of superhard materials, henan university of science and technology (formerly the luoyang institute of technology), zhengzhou institute of abrasives grinding technology (3) by grinding, geological investigation institute, henan, zhengzhou mechanical institute of several institutions of higher learning and scientific research units to carry out academic exchanges,  And established a long-term and close cooperative relationship.  

At the same time, the company continues to increase investment in science and technology introduction and scientific research projects. No matter how difficult the enterprise is, the company insists on reserving 7% of sales revenue as research and development funds for new products, which provides a strong financial guarantee for speeding up the development speed and large-scale production of high-tech products, and for building "HALNN Superhard" into an international famous brand.      

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