Slewing Bearing Special Inserts

Slewing Bearing Special Inserts

Full Name: Bearing Special CBN/PCD Inserts


Processing hardness: Above HRC45

Processing Material: Hardened steel, Bearing steel

Processing Way: Roughing, finishing

Continuous and Intermittent Cutting

Product Description

hard Turning Slewing Bearing, CBN Insert Turning Bearing, PCBN inserts Recommend inserts

RNGN PCBN inserts

RNMN solid CBN inserts Halnn

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Halnn DNGA coated PCBN inserts.JPG

RNGN CBN inserts

RNMN CBN inserts

RCMX-V CBN inserts

RCMN CBN inserts

DNGA CBN inserts

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TNGA CBN inserts

CNGA CBN inserts

TNGA CBN inserts

Advantages of our CBN inserts machining Bearing

High hardness

Excellent both abrasion resistance and impact resistance;

High cutting efficiency and long tool life;

Patented product, non-metal adhesive CBN inserts.

Processing case

Processing part: Wind power bearing,  Inner Ring Rib

CBN inserts machining inner ring rib.JPG

Processing size: 2750mm

Material: 42CrMo4

Hardness of Bearing:  58-63 HRC

Surface Roughing: Ra 0.4

Inserts TypeBN-H200 RNGN090300

Machining wayRoughing

Machining parameterVc=190m/min Fr=0.32mm/r, Ap=0.6-0.7mm

Machining way: Finishing

Machining parameterVc=215m/minFr=0.2mm/rap=0.2mm

Out ring raceway PCBN Inserts.JPG

Processing part: Wind power bearing,  Outer Ring Raceway

Processing size: 2750mm

Material: 42CrMo4

Hardness of Bearing:  58-63 HRC

Inserts TypeBN-H200 RNGN090300

Machining wayRoughing

Machining parameterVc=190m/min, Fr=0.43mm/r, Ap=1mm

Machining way: Finishing

Machining parameterVc=260m/minFr=0.2mm/rap=0.1mm

Heat-treated bearings, such as wind turbine bearings, metallurgical bearings, and wheel hub bearing units, generally have a hardness above HRC50, which puts high demands on the wear resistance and life of the tool.

Large-scale bearings, such as wind turbine bearings, have large diameters. After heat treatment, the machining allowance is 2-6mm, and the machining allowance is uneven. Moreover, there are oil holes in the lunar groove of the outer ring raceway of the machining part. The tool needs good impact resistance and toughness. It will break easily. At the same time, bearings have higher requirements for accuracy and surface roughness. For example, the accuracy tolerance of the raceway radian of the wind turbine bearing is 0.08, and the surface roughness of the raceway is Ra0.4.

With the continuous development of the modern tool industry, the cubic boron nitride (CBN) tool BN-H200 material developed by the superhard material industry effectively solves the problem of difficult bearing machining and can meet the requirements of high quality, high efficiency and low cost at the same time.

CBN Inserts machining Bearing.JPG

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