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Halnn is a famous brand that focuses on high hardness materials & tools, which have many years in this line and devoted the offering advanced industrial technology and comprehensive solutions to global customers.
With the background of Henan Research Institute of Superhard Materials, we have strong technical support. And we have the supply chain resource capabilities and services to provide you with a full set of supporting products, that can provide you with a series of suitable CBN, PCD, ceramic, carbide, and other High-tech materials and tools in the industry of Automotive, steel, mining machinery, wind power industry, heavy machining, aerospace, nuclear military and so on.
Halnn PCD tools Advantage:
1. Precision Hard Turning High Surface Finish
2. PCD milling/Drill Tools can Fast Delivery
3. Support non-standard customized products
We have a strong technical team that can provide you with a complete set of machining solutions such as turning, milling, drilling etc.

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