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We formally established Henan Superhard Materials Research Institute, focusing on cubic boron nitride processing tools and high-quality diamond material industrial processing tools as the main research direction.

The main research members include 2 doctoral supervisors, 3 professors, 5 associate professors, and 12 R&D doctors and masters. In the early stage, it invested more than 18 million RMB worth of six-side top high-voltage equipment and a number of large-scale equipment such as laser thermal conductivity meters.



We undertake China's national key "Industry-University-Research" project. Specifically for high-chromium alloy white cast iron, chilled cast iron and other difficult-to-machine materials, the Solid CBN Solid BN-K1 grade has been developed. BN-K1 has good hardness and impact resistance, and has good toughness. Various properties successfully fight against ceramic tools.

Successfully set off a wave of reform to replace ceramic tools with CBN tools in the field of wear-resistant castings such as high-hardness cast iron.



We have developed the BN-H10 grade PCBN Inserts, which are specially used for finishing hardened steel and other high-hardness steel workpiece. So far, our BN-H10 grade has been in a leading position in the PCBN inserts finishing field.

And with the combination of cubic boron nitride application technology and enterprise-research cooperation, it has made great contributions to promoting the development of China's superhard material industrialization.



We undertake the national new material planning "CBN product technology research" project. Developed BN-S20 grade Solid CBN inserts, which is specially used for rough machining and intermittent adding of high-hardness hardened steel materials. The successful development of the BN-S20 grade has groundbreaking significance for the use of cubic boron nitride tools for heavy-intermittent machining and turning hardened steel with a large margin.



After years of accumulation and development, we have established a marketing center and a non-standard customized tool division in Zhengzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone. In the same year, BN-K1 grade and BN-H10 grade, and other products sold well abroad.



The R&D team is constantly researching new grades, and has developed all-body welded CBN inserts BN-K20 and BN-H20 grades, which enrich the field of intermittent cutting of high-hardness cast iron and hardened steel parts.



We successfully developed the first 1.7-carat blue gem-quality diamond in China. And independently develop and produce high-end polycrystalline diamond tools and other diamond tools. In the same year, 25 national patents were obtained.



Zhengzhou Halnn Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. was formally established and renamed. In the same year, it was rated as one of the top ten export enterprises in Zhengzhou.



Introduced the BN-H21 grade suitable for intermittent processing of steel Workpiece. Since then, we have formed a set of unique "Turning instead of Grinding" processing solutions suitable for a variety of industries.



We launched BNK30, which is suitable for high-speed cutting of gray cast iron. With this grade, we have made many new achievements in the field of cast iron processing.



Vigorously develop and expand the foreign trade department and become the champion of one-way product export in the field of superhard materials in Henan Province.



Passed the pilot certification of the "Integration of Industrialization and Industrialization" in Henan Province, and established a new ultra-precision diamond tool business unit, bringing the company's operation and management system to a new level.



We have developed the BNK40 grade, and with its better performance, the cast iron processing field has achieved brilliant results

And won the "Henan Science and Technology Progress Award"

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