Gear Milling Cutter

Gear Milling Cutter

Gear Milling Cutter

Matching Inserts: Carbide tools

Product Description

Product Features

1. Halnn gear milling insert, are developed for Chinese processing condition, perfectly achieving the processing effect of well-known European brands.

2. With HALNN high quality milling cutter disc, it could make the cutting tool more stable,using life of insert more longer, cutting speed more faster.

3. The side cutting edge of rough milling inserts, can be rotated 8 times, Reduce the cost of inserts and adjustment time 



  • Precision:+/-0.1mm

  • Module:6-70mm

  • Diameter of tool:Φ200-Φ500mm


Process Case



  Product name: inner gear

  Processed material: 42CrMo4

  Material hardness: HB300

  Machine type: CNC gear milling machine

  Industry type: Wind power industry

  Customer requirement: Reducing tool cost per piece


Comprehensive evaluation:HALNN tool can meet customer working conditions and efficiency requirement, smooth cutting, has a better heat dissipation effect, and could achieve the better cutting performance. The price is equivalent to the current tool, and the service life of the tool is increased by 200%



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