Mill Rolls Industry


Halnn provides in the roll industry: ceramic inserts, CBN tools, PCD tools, carbide tools and roll supporting machine tools

Materials of Rolls

Tungsten Carbide

High Hardness Cast Iron, High Chromium Cast Iron, High Chrome Nickel Cast Iron, SG Cast Iron,Chilled Cast Iron

High Speed Steel, Semi-steel, High Boron Steel, High Carton Steel, Forging steel 9Cr2Mo

Recommend inserts

Solid CBN Inserts, Full Face solid CBN/PCD Inserts, Carbide Notching Tools, PCD Notching Tools, PCD Engraving Tools

Recommend Grade

BN-K1,BN-S20, BN-S300,BN-S300, CDW010

Process Condition

Roughing, Finishing,  Continuous, Light Interrupt, Heavy Interrupt

Common Using Inserts


Roll turning, milling and engraving case


Other supporting Tools

We can also provide you with matching Toolholder, Block, Arbor.

Holder Bock and Arbor.png

Halnn mill rolls special tools video

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