Special Tools for Aerospace

Special Tools for Aerospace

Special Carbide milling tools for Superalloy/Titanium alloys 

Product Description

Aerospace industry:

Halnn can provide standard cutting inserts, milling inserts, various non-standard tools, diamond-coated tools, PCD cutting tools and PCD Form tools to fulfill customers` processing demands on Hi-tech applications such as milling/drilling on superalloy, CFRP, and MMC. Moreover the grooving tools and PCD tools for superalloy workpiece are well recognized by the globe market.


Special Carbide milling tools for Superalloy/Titanium alloys

Product Features

  • Unequal helix angle design effectively suppresses vibration and makes cutting more stable;

  • Deep U-shaped groove design allows smoother chip removal during roughing and finishing;

  • Imported PVT equipment coating technology extends tool life.

  • Suitable for slot and face milling of aerospace titanium alloys, Superalloys, stainless steel and other difficult-to-machine materials

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