Graphite Special Diamond Tools

Graphite Special Diamond Tools

Description: Graphite Special Coated Diamond and PCD Tools

Machining Materials: Crucible, Wear-resistant lubricant materials, Graphite electrodes, 3D hot bending molds, graphite molds, fuel cell graphite bipolar plates, etc.

Process Way: Turning, Milling, Cutting

Product Description

Due to the high abrasiveness and brittleness of graphite materials, and the intermittent formation of graphite chips, during the graphite machining process, the tool surface is prone to early damage, rapid wear and even damage due to the alternating cutting stress and cutting impact. Therefore, the tools used for graphite processing are required to have high wear resistance and impact resistance

For graphite materials, Halnn has developed graphite turning tools, graphite milling cutters, graphite chamfer cutters, graphite diamond-coated tools through breakthroughs in materials, technology, and craftsmanship. The recognition not only effectively solves the problem of rapid tool wear, but also greatly improves production efficiency.

PCD Turning Graphite Materials

In the process of turning graphite, Halnn Tools PCD tools CDW302 and CDW010 are recommended. The above two grades belong to polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tools. The so-called polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tools are made of human diamond particles sintered under high temperature and high pressure. Yes, it is not easy to be damaged when encountering impact or vibration, and it is suitable for efficient processing of graphite ring workpieces.

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At the same time, it is best to place graphite workpieces in a spring jacket or with an expansion ring. In view of the characteristics of graphite, the blessing pressure should be dispersed on the largest possible area. Especially when the tolerance requirements are lower than IT7, it is better to use the CDW302 and CDW010 grades. By using the round or chamfer of the cutting edge of the tool, the chipping angle of the workpiece can be reduced. 

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Mlling Graphite Materials

Milling is the most common processing method in graphite processing. The HPD graphite milling cutter is the first choice in the milling process. It is a PCD insert milling cutter specially developed for graphite. The HPD insert graphite milling cutter is sharp and wear-resistant, and has a longer, the tool life, stable cutting performance, high processing efficiency, and higher surface roughness can be obtained. And the cutting speed of Halnn superhard graphite Special milling cutter is 2-3 times higher than that of carbide tools, which can meet the needs of large-scale, High-efficiency and high-precision processing requirements.

 At the same time, according to customer needs,Halnn Superhard can also provide diamond-coated milling cutters. The new coating process makes it more closely integrated with the substrate, with excellent wear resistance, oxidation resistance and lubrication properties, lower friction, and processing The surface quality is better, and the special spiral design improves the chip removal ability of the tool and makes the processing smoother.

Precautions for use

When choosing a graphite tool for milling, you should also pay attention to the cutting method, vacuum and immersion EDM machining and cutting speed. Among them, the graphite is milled by down milling, and the cutting vibration is less than that of up milling;

 At the same time, the graphite milling process will produce more dust, it is necessary to clean up the graphite dust on the surface of the workpiece in time to reduce the secondary wear of the tool, reduce the service life of the tool, and reduce the impact of graphite dust on the screw and guide rail of the machine tool.;

Finally, select the appropriate high speed and corresponding large feed in the milling process to improve production efficiency.


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