Carbide, Ceramic Special PCD Tools

Carbide, Ceramic Special PCD Tools

Full Name: Ceramic/Tungsten carbide Special PCD Tools

Process Way: Turning, Milling, Cutting

Industry: aerospace, machinery, medicine, chemical industry, metallurgy, cutting tools, molds, machine tools, textiles, etc.

Product Description

Advantage of Halnn PCD Tools Turing and Milling tools of Ceramic/Tungsten carbide Material



Tungsten carbide materials and ceramics are difficult to cut materials. In the past, Most cusotmer mainly process on grinding. With the development of superhard cutting technology, diamond (PCD) tools are increasingly used in Tungsten carbide materials and ceramics processing.

For the rough machining process of Tungsten carbide materials and ceramics: polycrystalline diamond tool is a polycrystalline material polymerized by diamond powder through metal binder (such as CO) under high temperature and high pressure. It has good bending strength and toughness and is not easy to be damaged in case of impact or vibration. It is suitable for the rough machining of Tungsten carbide materials and ceramics.

For the finishing process of Tungsten carbide materials and ceramic materials: use natural single crystal diamond tool for micro cutting (small cutting depth and feed rate). The thermal wear of natural diamond tools is very small, which can ensure the high dimensional accuracy and surface finish of Tungsten carbide materials and ceramic materials. And it is also used for other parts that are difficult to be machined by grinding wheel, such as slotting, surface profiling and so on.


Good machining surface quality plays an important role in reducing surface defects, improving part strength and assembly accuracy, reducing friction and wear, and prolonging the service life of Tungsten carbide and ceramic materials parts. For the milling process of Tungsten carbide and ceramic materials, Halnn Tools can provide CVD diamond coated milling cutter and diamond milling cutter, Replace electrolytic corrosion and electric spark process to improve production efficiency and product quality.

For example, CVD diamond coated milling cutter can Micro Milling Tungsten carbide material, and the minimum surface roughness can reach 0.073 μ m。   

Diamond milling cutters are mostly ball cutters, which braze PCD or BL-PCD (binder free nano polycrystalline diamond) to carbide arbor. The cutting edge of BL-PCD is higher than that of traditional PCD tools.

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Metal based cutting Wheel: it has strong abrasive holding ability, good wear resistance, good shape retention of grinding wheel and long service life. It is used for zirconia ceramics, fuse glass tube and sapphire cutting / cutting

Resin based cutting Wheel: it has good self sharpening, sharp cutting, elastic bond and can improve the processing surface quality. It is mainly used for Tungsten carbide cutting. At the same time, it can also be used in quartz high borosilicate glass tube, glass cup (tea drain) opening and quartz crucible

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